Over the cotton wool sea.

I have arrived New York, better hold on to your hats.
It is now rather late by my clock. So today’s update may not be as in depth as I would like. time went by fast on the plane, it was a nice change looking down on the clouds rather that keeping my eyes skyward.


The hardest part of the flight was getting through passport control, the queue was phenomenal. But an hour and a half later I was through and collecting baggage. I pretty much ran out of there and was welcomed by the Kennedy’s πŸ™‚ we made our way to the car and the journey began. At this point I hadn’t seen a single glimpse of NYC. When I did my jaw hit the floor. New York is everything and more than I expected it to be.
Maura and I made a trip on the subway and she gave me a low down on how to navigate the city, whilst pointing out all the cool places I could visit. 20130809-201529.jpg
Before long tummy was calling and we decided to meet Pete for BBQ at ‘The Mighty Quins’ where pulled pork and BBQ beans were game amongst an array of smokey goods.
We then walked around the east village looking at all the local bespoke shops (awesome). I’m just gonna put a load of pics to give a brief overview of the night, because I am exhausted and my literary mind is below par. (I’m afraid it may become boring to read). Also this app is playing up and I am finding it hard to navigate tomorrow will be a better day for it. So apologies for the lack of interest and organisation.


20130809-201903.jpg this is Billy a reaaaal friendly New Yorker by a piece of art by chico (of him)


20130809-202235.jpg view from the Kennedy’s apartment.

Well I’m about dead on my feet. Tomorrow I am going to get lost in the city πŸ™‚ peace.

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3 thoughts on “Over the cotton wool sea.

  1. Eifion Lewis on said:

    Well done Florence. Rest up and remember to make allowances for “Jet-Lag” to your body clock! U.Ei xxx


  2. hey flo my mouth is watering send some more pics, maybe do a flo vs food special episode just for us food lovers ha! miss ya x


  3. more coming your way never fear πŸ™‚ xxxxxx


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