Shop till you drop (or feel you’ve spent too much)

So, I thought I’d write a mid-day update seeming as I have been walking around taking in the city, spent too much money. Think I need a break šŸ™‚

Started out at about 10 this morning thought I’d go on a trip up and down soho.


20130810-130122.jpg today was bike day, it only happens three times a year. They close off 4th avenue for cyclists and let the green ensue šŸ™‚


I thought I’d head up to the supreme store, only to find it is closed until the 22nd of august šŸ˜¦ but never fear i found some other places, well worth a look if you are ever here.


I wanted to find this place called Flight club, so I could buy some shoes…after going up and down Broadway without so much as a whisper of it, i stumbled across Zumiez which is now my favourite shop here, it sold herschel, diamond supply, the hundreds, huf amongst SO much other stuff (I wanted everything).


So here I managed to spend $100, the shop assistants were so friendly, and alas we had a lot in common, whatsmore they gave me two free Obey hats šŸ™‚


They told me where to find Flight Club, which opened at 12 (which is why I couldn’t find it). So after leaving there, (I told them id be back for sure) I went and found it…and I wasnt disappointed.




The longest wall of shoes (if there are any others), so long I couldn’t quite fit the immense length in the shot; and a floor to ceiling wall of hats (guys you’d go nuts).
I wanted to buy some new shoes, so I felt I had come to the right place. I promised myself I would branch out, I only seem to buy black, white, or red shoes (or a combination of the three). Despite my best efforts I ended up purchasing the sickest low dunc SB’s….which were black, white and red….but i really dont care, I’m in love.

So now having had spent close to $300, I thought I should stop, go back to the Kennedy’s apartment, and regroup. On the way this guy popped up, he was running like he was creeping away from something suspicious! What a dude.



So now my plan is to spend as little as possible (PAH, see if that works out). I contacted Noyle, a friend in New York, and tonight were hitting the town…not sure what he’s got in store, but its gonna be good.

For the rest of the afternoon, I am going to find some lunch, and going to read a book in grand central st. šŸ™‚ (I also might go back to Zumiez and buy a back pack…. :/ its needed, i can justify it, i think)

OH! and I forgot to mention, crazy cat lady, looking after (and selling) kittens in union sq. I want to take a picture (mainly for you Emma), but she snapped back “NO! we do not like pictures” with a vicsious grimace on her face. Sad times. But they were bloody cute!

Right off to lunch, will try and update tonight, after whatever crazy plans Noyle has…but not making promisesss!!

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One thought on “Shop till you drop (or feel you’ve spent too much)

  1. I know that cat lady. She’s very militant. Not a happy person. You think loads of kittens would cure her of that. But no.


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