Crossing State lines, and the Capital..or as they say ‘Capitol’

So the day finally came to hit the road, woke up and was kindly driven out of the city by Pete, so I could get a lay of the land before heading out alone. We went and picked up the car..a band new ford focus…very nice. Ill post a pic next blog (forgot to take one), and then hightailed it out of the city…went to fill up petrol, it is unbelievably cheap here…

20130816-105229.jpg on the ay out saw the Empire State in full:

20130816-105329.jpg (from afar anyway). Pete drove in front of me, through the holland tunnel and onto the New Jersey Turnpike, before turning of giving me a wave and heading back to the city. I was officially on my own, next stop Reston, Virginia.

This is going to be a quick update, as I have to eat breakfast and check out, hitting the road again, this time I don’t have a ‘next stop’.

On the way here I stuck to the freeway (interstate 95), I had my music linked up and was doing well, the lanes are wider, but people drive like nutters in New Jersey. Before long I needed a wee so stopped off at the first service station I saw, grabbed some coconut water and got back in the car. The music had stopped working 😦 so It was radio flicking all the way to VA). I rejoined the i-95 and was headed for the Delaware bridge to get me into Maryland, so I could pass through Baltimore, finally round the washington beltway into North Virginia, where I was gonna spend the night. About 20/30 minutes in a mudflap on the back of the lorry ahead of me flew off and hit the windscreen, lingering there a bit, before flying off behind me to cause chaos back there. I shat myself, but managed to keep control of the car, and carried on going. I realised at this point my windscreen had been chipped!!! Typical, I have such bad luck with cars!

After paying toll after toll after toll (it rinsed me out of cash), I pulled over in Maryland to widdle stretch my legs and call my dad to tell him the car had been chipped. All is good he told me to chill out, stuff happens haah. To cut a long story short, as the roads were just motorways really there were some beautiful sights, however I was keeping my eyes on the road. I arrived around 8 but couldn’t find the hotel till about 10…in this time I had ran out of phone credit, so couldn’t call anyone, the sat nav didn’t like the area and when I approached a couple eating in their car in the parking lot they waved me away refusing to speak to me 😦 even though I was obviously crying and saying I was lost. Anyway I followed my nose, and eventually found it. When I got to the front desk to check in the lady could obviously see how flustered I had been and gave me a free breakfast and free Internet for the duration of my stay (which was lovely of her) I ordered room service, had a bath and really couldn’t keep my eyes open.


20130816-111154.jpgLook at the size of my room!! it was the only one they had…and my room service was really tasty.

On the drive:

20130816-111247.jpg The Delaware bridge…the entire way over this I had vertigo and visions of falling off it, as beautiful as the scenery was I found it hard to look around.
Turning the corner on the beltway toward Virginia (where I passed places such as Bel Air, and Foggy Bottom hahaah) there was this building…looked like it was straight out of the Wizard of Oz…


When I awoke in the morning, I got directions from the front desk to the closest Metro station and drove there on the two lane highways….I’m sticking to these now, they are beautiful and much more like driving in England…more chilled out. I hopped on the Metro to Washington DC

20130816-111728.jpg When I got out the other end, I don’t know what I was expecting but not this open sky when I was still in the metro!


20130816-111829.jpg I had arrived at the Smithsonian. Which is on the Mall. Washington is just beautiful open spaces and architecture, I loved it.



I went to the Smithsonian castle (above) and got info on the galleries. I decided to look round the Freer and the Sackler Gallery. Which we connected underground, and held the best collection of art from Asia and the Middle East. STUNNING stuff, I really enjoyed it. one of the best bits so far.







They had the most amazing vintage Kimonos for sale….I really wanted one…The first is a wedding kimono and as really heavy and just stunning.



Next I made my way to the White House, The Lincoln memorial (just for you Tink), and the World War II memorial. (sorry this is in brief, have to check out in 10 minutes).






I have to go, so when I get to my next place…wherever that may be, if they have internet…I’ll let you know wagwan.

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2 thoughts on “Crossing State lines, and the Capital..or as they say ‘Capitol’

  1. Flo, your pictures are amazing! Glad you got to see so much of what you wanted to in DC. Stay safe on the road…I hope you run into nicer people than the couple who waved you away when you were in need! Call or text if you need anything. Love you. xoxo – Maura


  2. Eifion Lewis on said:

    You look great in the Kimonos Florence! Were they silk? This is supposed to make them heavy, as well as cool in summer and warm in winter! Enjoying the trip with you as you make your way along. U.Ei xxx


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