Photography World

Finally I have a photospace on the inter web! click on the portfolio tab up top ^ or just click here to have a peek.

So, my entire life has been involved in photography, I’ve grown up around it, in it and I have only now realised how it has helped shape the way I see the world. It is such a passion of mine, so, naturally after doing a Psychology degree, I disregarded everything I’d spent 4 years learning, and (slowly) bounced into the photography world.

I currently work three jobs, all photography based, and as you can guess it has rekindled my love and made me rediscover my purpose; while at the same time making me feel as though I know nothing, I am tabula rasa once again.

I am terribly lucky to have landed the jobs that I have (despite being exhausted and super busy), and within these jobs I am getting priceless lessons in all aspects of Photography.

I know a lot of my friends are budding or even established photographers, so I take my hats off to you as the struggle in the industry is never ending.

In true internet fashion this is essentially a post about myself, to promote my work, and my site.

So to counteract this a little,take a look at these cool kids I know who are banging photographers, go on….they’re awfully good


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